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My Work

Check out some of my latest projects with a focus on human-wildlife relationships and the importance of wildlife conservation.

Elephant Conservation


Explore the incredible relationship between an orphaned elephant, Mak, and his full-time carer Marupia.


Explore a relationship that should have never existed. Marimba is an orphaned Pangolin whose mother was poached for her scales. She now lives out her life with her full-time carer Mateo who refers to her as his "last born child".

Pangolin Poaching
Man with wild animal


Explore the unbelievable relationship between award-winning wildlife filmmaker Kim Wolhuter and a clan of completely wild Spotted Hyenas. 


Behind the scenes access to groundbreaking Cheetah conservation projects.

Cheetah Operation
Anti-Poaching Ranger


People of Imire

An inspiring video project focusing on the stories of staff members from Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservancy in Zimbabwe and how they got to where they are today.


Two Minutes With Series

Short informational video series on African Wildlife - presented, directed and shot by me including Impala and Serval cats.

Sam Turley Presenting
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